Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide all props and supplies with a rental?
Yes, everything you and your guests need to enjoy the photo booth is included with the rental fee.

Is there a limit on the number of sessions in the booth during the rental?
No, the only limit will be if you run out of time!

How much does it cost to rent a photo booth? 
It depends somewhat upon the length of the rental period. Please check our pricing page HERE.

How do I find out if a photo booth is available on our event date?
If you are booking several months in advance, there's a good chance your event date is available. To make certain, please call us at 302-722-7566 or email us with the date, city and Zip Code of the event's location.

Why do I have to pay a deposit to rent a photo booth?

A deposit insures that a client has reserved a booth for the date requested. 

Will someone help the guests use the photo booth during the rental period?

Yes, an attendant will be on hand to show your guests how to operate the photo booth, answer any questions that they may have, replenish printer paper and ink cartridges and troubleshoot any problem that may arise. At the end of your event, the attendant also will provide you with a Flash Drive containing all of the photo booth images taken during your event.

How many photos can a photo booth take during the rental period?
Take all the photos you want, but understand that the total number of photos that can be taken is limited by the number of photos the photo booth equipment can process. Although other photo booth providers may claim more, processing more than around 30 sessions per hour is unrealistic no matter how fast the computer processes the image and the printer creates the prints. People need at least 60 seconds to enter the photo booth, understand what they must do, take their photos, and exit the booth. But this process, for a variety of reasons, often takes longer. Usually that means––give or take––about 30 sessions per hour.

Can I get copies of the digital images taken in the photo booth?
Yes, a Flash Drive with all the images on it is included in the price of some of our packages. If you're still around following your event, your photo booth attendant will give it you then. If you're not, we will give it to a family member or mail it to you.

Can a custom message or logo be printed on the photos?

Yes, a personal message and a graphic or logo can be printed on the same sheet as your photos. If you choose this option, your personal message and graphic must be submitted to Pic A Booth at least two weeks prior to the event date.

Will the digital images from our event be available online?

No, at this time we are working with vendors to determine the best possible solution for providing online galleries for our clients. A lot of our clients like the fact that they have the power to choose if and when their images get posted to the web.

I see a lot of photo booths renting for $900, $1300, even $1500. How are your prices kept so competitive?
Our secrets to providing low cost photo booth are just that secrets! What we can tell you is that Pic A Booth photo booths are lightweight and portable, which minimizes the number of people and the size of the vehicle required to move them, which reduces transportation and delivery costs and--in turn--reduces our cost to you.

What happens when I step into the photo booth?
When you walk into the booth, follow the instructions on the touch screen. Get your props ready and have fun! Depending on the setup and type of event three or four pictures will be taken. Seconds after you step out of the booth your pictures will be ready!

What do I do now?
Call us today to book your rental!