Our Story
After years of helping many people document milestones in their lives, our founder decided it was time for a new journey and direction. This new journey started out of a request to make a family member's birthday just a little bit more special for her and her friends. After weeks of design and labor, the vision was coming to life. Then our first event with a photo booth, in the spring of 2014 was a success.

A lot of hard work was spent developing our system into what it is today. Each event proves new challenges in design, ideas that lead improvements, a great customer base. Our business has grown leaps and bounds on word of mouth and ultimately we would not have it any other way.  Personal referrals help give our customers that sense of relief knowing they will have top notch service for their event.

Today the business is family owned and operated. We pride ourselves knowing all the employees will deliver the same quality of service to each and every client.

We look forward to being able to work with you to help bring your next event to the next level. If there is anything we can do, or questions that we can answer please do not hesitate to contact us.